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Leonard Orr, Don DeLillo’s White Noise

My second foray into the Continuum Contemporaries series of Continuum Books (on which more to come): I had already picked up the brilliant and neatly-packed guide to Underworld, written by DeLillo scholar John Duvall. It is obvious that Underworld and White Noise are wildly different novels in terms of scope, complexity and sheer volume, and […]

Matthew Stearns, Sonic Youth’s Daydream Nation

Complete and well-researched analysis of the most important album by arguably the most important and innovative band of their time. The author, musical critic Matthew Stearns, works backwards from the recent official acknowledgment as a true historical document: in 2006 the US Library of Congress added Daydream Nation to the permanent archives of the National […]

Bill Janovitz, Rolling Stones’ Exile On Main St.

“The single greatest rock’n’roll record of all time, okay?” If you agree with the opening sentence of the book, you don’t need to read this comment. You need to go out (or simply open another Firefox window) and buy the bloody thing. If you don’t, stick around and learn one or two things about music. […]