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Joe Bensam, Batman and Wolverine: the Stories of the Superheroes

The recent opening of a much needed new comic bookstore in town has unleashed my latest ongoing superhero fever, which in full multimedia madness includes compulsive use of my comics apps and a sumptous run-through of the entire X-Men film franchise. In the middle of such activity, I began looking for something suitable to feed […]

Jeph Loeb, The Witching Hour

“Do you believe in the Wiccan Rede? That everything we do comes back to us threefold?” There are five of them, like points of a pentagram. Gray is a charmer. In more than one sense of the word. Black is a mulatto child prodigy, who only talks through quotes from Victorian writers. And he loves […]

Grant Morrison, We3

My first encounter with les enfants terribles Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely was through the New X-Men run, although both were already famous. They are each masters in their respective fields, and to see them at work together is always a pleasure. The storyline is here razor-sharp; as in the textbook example of the silent […]

Grant Morrison, Kid Eternity

By now I’ve learned that Grant Morrison is positively out of his mind. A chaos magician unwinding deadpan on his allucinations, how they affected his comics, and how comics affected both his life and his hangouts with the gods. All this in a heavy Scottish accent, dig it. Apparently this miniseries from the early nineties […]

Neil Gaiman, Black Orchid

Ciascuno ha le proprie coppie artisiche preferite. Tipo i Neu! o i White Stripes. Io impazzisco per ogni nuovo lavoro di Neil Gaiman e Dave McKean. Anche se questa miniserie è ‘nuova’ solamente per il sottoscritto, dato che si tratta in effetti della loro prima pubblicazione per la DC Comics, dopo le iniziali collaborazioni indipendenti: […]