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Grant Morrison, We3

My first encounter with les enfants terribles Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely was through the New X-Men run, although both were already famous. They are each masters in their respective fields, and to see them at work together is always a pleasure.

The storyline is here razor-sharp; as in the textbook example of the silent opening sequence.
Moreover Morrison plunges head-on (as he will) into a theme that is absolutely up-to-date, made even more poignant by his trademark viciousness.

I would love to see some of Quitely’s sketches, especially for the biorgs (a bit of mecha nerdism on my part).

Grant Morrison
We3 (2005)
pencils and inks by Frank Quitely
p. 104, $13
DC Comics/Vertigo, 2006

Giudizio: 3/5.

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